Terms and Conditions

Shipping Live Plants

1. The Chilli Stall undertakes to packages the live plants, to ensure that;

a. they are protected from drying out within a 36-hour period from time of collection by the courier service,

b. they are packaged to ensure the soil does not spill from the pot/s,

c. they are packaged to ensure that minimum damage to the plant/s leaves and stem/s are incurred during the shipping process, damage that might occur will be within easy recovery levels for the plant/s.

2. The Customer undertakes to;

a. open and unbox immediately once the parcel had been delivered by the courier service,

b. ensure the plant/s are still damp, directly after unboxing, if not water them immediately,

c. place the plant/s immediately in a bright area receiving morning sun, after unboxing and checking the moisture level of the soil,

d. allow the plant/s to climatize before transplanting,

e. ensure that the shipping address provided to The Chilli Stall is an address where someone can receive the parcel and perform the tasks a to c mentioned above immediately after receipt of the parcel.

*Please note that shipping of live plants can only be done on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure that the plants don't stay in a warehouse during the weekend. Orders placed on a Wednesday to a Friday will be shipped on Mondays, orders placed during the weekend on Tuesdays and orders placed on a Monday or Tuesday will be shipped on Wednesdays.*

By placing an order for shipment of Live Plants you accept these Terms and Conditions.