What is SnapScan?
SnapScan is an app that lets you pay with your phone quickly, easily, and safely. Your SnapScan app uses your phone's camera to scan a SnapCode (a unique QR code).

Get SnapScan
  1. Download the app - SnapScan is available for free on iOS and Android. Visit Google Play or your AppStore to get snapping.
  2. Sign up & load cards - You'll need a South African sim and an ecommerce enabled debit or credit card to set up the app.
  3. Create a pin - Create a pin to authenticate payments for added security. You can also add your fingerprint or use FaceID.
Scan to pay
  1. Scan SnapCode
  2. Enter amount
  3. Pay from your card or SnapScan Wallet*
  4. Authenticate and pay
*The default payment source is the last card you used (you can load three), but you can also choose to use the funds in your SnapScan Wallet.